Padco is a small business equipment financing specialist

At Padco, we help small businesses dream big, and we are looking for experienced brokers to partner with us in making those dreams come true. As an equipment financing specialist, we are able to offer great deals for businesses that have good payment histories. And as a small business ourselves, we can relate to small business needs.

We base our decisions on all aspects of a customer’s credit and financial situation. We look for a strong A – B credit rating, and we pride ourselves on finding the deals that fall outside the box for big banks.

We are looking for brokers with a niche or area of expertise, who know what their customers are looking for. Our brokers can take advantage of our 50 years of industry experience, plus:

  • We do business in all 50 states for a wide range of equipment types.
  •  We are 100% funded by private investors so we can maintain an inventory of varying sizes and terms.
  • We are affiliated with NEFA and NAELB and take great pride in our reputation as one of the finest small ticket funders in the industry.
  • We will also fund Municipal transactions for city, county and state entities. We do not do Federal financing.
  • We will do new and used titled vehicles, with all title work handled by a dealer or a 3rd party title service.
  • Brokers speak directly with decision makers – so response times are fast.

Padco – Making good businesses better