Our investors are treated like family

With over 50 years of experience as a family owned business, we know how our investors want to be treated – just like part of the family. Our goal is to fund business dreams for our customers and financial dreams for our investors. Padco Financial Services, Inc. specializes in opportunities for the average investor to participate in high yields – currently as high as 5-8% on your invested balance – without tying up your entire principal until it matures. With Padco’s investment opportunities, you stay ahead of inflation with interest rates comparable to what banks earn, while enjoying the security of consistent return of both principal and interest.

We make the smaller loans with shorter terms that help you diversify your investments over several contacts, and allow you to reinvest frequently for continuous cash flow and maximum return.

Plus you can raise the average yield on the cash component of your overall portfolio.

The best fit for your investment needs

Your investment provides financing for the equipment needs of business all over the country from billion-dollar industrial giants to “Mom and Pop Shops.” The industries we service and equipment types we finance include:

  • Manufacturing – machine tools, material handling, and packaging equipment
  • Medical – diagnostic equipment and home health rental equipment
  • Retail/Service – copiers, computers, phone systems, and networks
  • Radio/TV/Entertainment – broadcasting equipment, recording equipment, theatrical lights, and sound equipment
  • Excavating/Construction/Landscapers – trucks, vans, tools, and backhoes.
  • Recyclers – shredders, containers, and bundling equipment

Contracts range from $5,000 to $100,000, and terms range from 12-60 months. Investors receive payments of both principal and interest right away – just like your bank receives your mortgage payments. At the end of the term the investor has been paid in full with interest.

Our rigorous credit appraisal means only the cream of the crop is offered to our investors

While we do scrutinize personal and corporate credit reports, bank statements, and financials, we also look at more than just the numbers. We routinely obtain personal guarantees from a company’s owners and additional related corporate guarantees when they are available. We ask for down payments, security deposits, additional collateral, and advance payments. 

To improve your investing experience, we provide:

  • A continuously updated inventory of contracts for immediate investment, available by phone, email and on our website
  • Detailed information to help match your funds and investment parameters to a specific contract
  • Clear and professional documentation of each investment including investment certificates, assignments of contract payments and amortization schedules
  • Fast professional attention if you have questions or concerns
  • One consolidated monthly payment whether you have one contract or many
  • A detailed summary at the end of the year with your 1099 INT forms

Let’s look at results:

Since 1981 we have funded over $200,000,000 of equipment, financed over 20,000 leases and equipment finance contracts, which have generated over $21,000,000 in interest income to our investors. Our excellent repeat customers with stellar histories with Padco are often the best opportunities for our investors.

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