We service small business in the big city, small town and agricultural communities

In 1963, David H. Padden founded a small municipal bond investment banking firm in the financial district of downtown Chicago. Padden and Company grew over the years as the family-owned business began to include municipal leases, followed by commercial leases, and ultimately a mix of all types of equipment financing. Today Padco Financial Services, Inc. is one of the finest small ticket funders in the equipment financing industry, offering high quality contracts with excellent yields to a small group of independent investors.

We are proud of our big city heritage, and grateful for the opportunities made possible by our location in one of America’s greatest cities. We are also connected to the needs of small and agricultural communities, and in 2011 we decided to relocate the business closer to the homes of the principals. We discovered a great building for sale in Crete, Illinois and migrated south in the spring of 2012. In this age of easy electronic access to our customers, financial institutions, and investors, the move was a win-win opportunity.

With over 50 years of experience, Padco is a partner you can count on, no matter where your own business is located. We remain committed to exploring opportunities to further develop and enhance our products while maintaining the high quality of service our customers have come to expect. 

Padco – Making good businesses better

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